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Renewable Energy Solutions.

Eco Incentive have renewable energy consultants throughout the UK, our consultants are professional, industry experts with extensive knowledge on renewable energy systems. They can provide you with reliable, honest advice on what systems are suitable for you.

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What is biomass?

Eco Inventive Biomass

Biomass systems typically burn wood pellets, wood chips or logs. They provide space heating and hot water to domestic, commercial and industrial users.

Eco Inventive Biomass


Biomass boilers come in a range of sizes, depending on your heat load requirements, and are clean and easy to maintain.

Biomass boiler systems operate in the same way as a conventional boiler system, with the exception of fuel delivery. Pellets or wood chips are fed through an auger which is automatically controlled by the boiler. As the fuel enters the boiler, the material is ignited either by elements or an electric blower on the initial start up.

The hot gases are then passed through a heat exchanger and the heat is transferred to the water used in your central heating system.

The price of the wood fuel needed for a biomass boiler is significantly cheaper than other heating options. The large and expanding supply of wood fuels are sustainable and not subject to the geopolitical price increases often seen with fossil fuels.

The carbon dioxide emitted when the wood is burned is equal to the amount that was absorbed over the years that the tree was growing.

Biomass systems are ideally suited to most buildings, especially with high heating and hot water requirements including: large buildings such as hospitals, schools and offices; hotel and leisure sectors such as golf clubs and swimming pool complexes and the residential sector, such as care homes and single family homes.

What are the benefits of installing a biomass boiler system?

Eco Inventive Biomass

Biomass boilers are very efficient, durable, clean and easy to use, requiring minimal management time. They are an environmentally friendlier alternative to oil and gas fuelled systems.

Eco Incentive biomass boiler

Through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), non-domestic system owners can already enjoy income and savings based returns of between 10-25% guaranteed for 20 years.

Until the Renewable Heat Incentive is applicable for domestic installations, you can still receive £950 from the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme to offset against the price of the installation of your system. If you receive a RHPP payment you are still eligible to receive the RHI when it is introduced.

A biomass boiler is an ideal replacement for an existing boiler powered by gas, oil or LPG. It will provide a very similar of control and reliability but with reduced running costs, particularly when compared to oil or LPG.

A new boiler can be easily connected to your existing heating system with very little or no disruption to your premises.

Biomass boilers are considered to be close to carbon neutral, making a significant improvement to the energy rating of your building.

These heating systems will save you money by reducing the energy you use to heat your property and they will also cut your carbon footprint and contribute to the country's move to a low carbon economy.

What can I expect my return on investment to be?

Eco Inventive Biomass

Through the Renewable Heat Incentive, non-domestic system owners can enjoy income and savings based returns of between 10-25%, guaranteed for 20 years.


The RHI is a Government scheme which provides financial support to renewable heat generators. At the moment the scheme is only available to non-domestic installations, but it is expected that by Summer 2013, when Phase 2 of the scheme begins, that it will be open to domestic installations.

As the system is attached to your property, it will improve the energy rating of your property and in doing so, it will increase the value. Any new owner will be buying a property with an attached income and much reduced or even eliminated utilities bills.

As energy prices continue to increase, your savings and return on investment becomes even greater with the Renewable Heat Incentive.

In the mean time, homeowners are eligible to receive Renewable Heat Premium Payment vouchers to the value of £950 to offset against the price of the installation of your biomass boiler and you will still be eligible to receive the Renewable Heat Incentive when it becomes available to the domestic market.

Remember, as long as your biomass boiler has been installed on or after the 15th July 2009, you will receive the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive when it becomes available next year, subject to requirements.