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Eco Incentive is one of the leading online providers in europe of customised Eco systems and we pride ourselfs in system monitoring, servicing, renewable energy, system designs and inovations and more.

At Eco Incentive, anybody can easily design and order a custom heat pump system or other product with just a few clicks and some creative ideas.
As a customer, you can of course upload a photo you would like to have your design based on.
Or you can just type in your instructions or description of operation and we will design the system to your needs and also offer constructive advice.
You decide it - we engineer it!

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An outstanding engineering quality is guaranteed by Eco Incentive at all times.
If you have any further questions regarding our custom engineering or control energy Shop solution, please do not hesitate to contact our engineering specialists at engineering(at)

You´ll see: With Eco Incentive, renewable energy becomes really easy and saves you money.


If you run your own website, blog or online shop, Eco Incentive also gives you the opportunity to monetize your website traffic.
Just open up your own online renewable energy Shop and set your own product prices or place our information on your website and earn a commission of 20 percent per sale on the net order value of the sales you generate.
Running a Eco Incentive shop on your website allows you to strengthen your own brand, makes your website more attractive from the customer´s point of view and more profitable after all.
Running a renewable energy Shop on your website is completely free!

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If you are a plumber, mechanical engineer, control designer or work with renewable energy and would like to have the oppertunity to work with Eco Incentive, then please contact us with your information and a representative will email/phone you back.

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