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Renewable Heat Premium Payments

The Renewable Heat Premium Payments (RHPP) scheme is an incentive devised by the Government to promote homeowners to install renewable heat technologies.

The RHPP is a Government scheme which gives a cash payment to householders to help them buy a renewable heating system. This includes solar thermal, heat pumps and biomass boilers. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme is a short-term solution until the Renewable Heat Incentive is launched for the domestic sector which is likely to come in to effect mid-2013.

For solar thermal installations, any householder in England, Scotland and Wales can apply for the RHPP vouchers. However, for householders wishing to install a heat pump or a biomass boiler, only householders who are not connected to the gas grid and rely on oil, gas, solid fuel or electricity for their heating can apply. The levels of support for the Renewable Heat Premium Payments scheme is in the table below.

Renewable Heat Premium Payments- Levels of supportEco Incentive

The Government have committed to extending the Renewable Heat Premium Payments scheme until the 31st March 2013. All installations must be completed and vouchers must be redeemed before this date. If you participate in the RHPP scheme you are still eligible for support when the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is launched.