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What is solar thermal?

Eco Incentive Solar Thermal

Solar thermal is a technology which harnesses solar energy from the sun and turns it into thermal heat energy.


Eco Incentive

Solar thermal panels are usually placed on the roof of your property and gather energy from the sun, which is used to heat water. This water is then used to provide hot water to your property. Even in Winter, the panels will pre-heat the water in the tank so that your boiler uses less energy to keep your water hot, and so saves you money on your energy bills.

Solar thermal systems use solar panels, called collectors, which are fitted to the roof of the premises. The process is simple, the panels on your roof absorb heat from the sun and the water in the panels heat up. The water is then pumped through a coil in your hot water cylinder and the heat is transferred to the water in the cylinder.

What are the benefits of installing a solar thermal system?

Eco Incentive Solar Thermal

There are many reasons why installing a solar thermal system at your property is a good investment.


Eco Incentive thermal solar

Solar thermal systems are very efficient, we would expect the solar panels to save you 50-75% of your hot water bills. The system produces hot water all year round but the output will vary according to weather conditions.

The panels require little or no maintenance and will generate heat from daylight even in cold or cloudy conditions.

Solar thermal systems are very easy to install and causes minimal disruption to your property. As solar thermal systems can usually be fitted to work with your existing hot water system, there is no need to remove your old boiler.

You will reduce your reliance on expensive fossil fuels and it also protects you against rising energy prices.

You can potentially receive Renewable Heat Premium Payment vouchers when you install a solar thermal system at domestic property.

You can potentially benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive when you install a solar thermal system at a commercial property.

Solar thermal evacuated tubes

Eco Incentive Solar Thermal

Solar thermal evacuated tubes are made from strong, insulated glass and contains a copper heat pipe which heats up when there is sunlight on it.

Evacuated tube systems are very efficient and they can collect energy even in overcast or cold weather.

Due to the cylindrical shape, evacuated tubes are able to collect sunlight for many hours of the day. With a series of tubes ideally on a south facing roof, you can maximise the heat conversion as the sun is at the best angle to the surface for much of the day.

Solar thermal flat plate panels

Eco Incentive Solar Thermal

Solar thermal flat plate panels come in the form of a flat panel which is fitted to the roof of the property.


Eco Incentive Solar thermal plate

Within each panel, a copper heat pipe is arranged in wavy lines which maximises the efficiency by using more of the panel surface area.

Flat plate panels are very efficient in perfect conditions. The flat shape of the panel allows for a very high efficiency when the sun is directly above it. This means if your roof is the ideal size and orientation and there are no shading issues, flat plate panels can be sufficient for generating your hot water requirements.

Solar thermal systems for swimming pools

Eco Incentive Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems is an extrememly cost effective way to heat swimming pools.


Solar thermal systems are able to heat any swimming pool whether it is a domestic or commercial pool. Solar thermal systems are a great replacement for expensive and inefficient fossil fuels to heat your pool.

Solar thermal can provide adequate pool temperatures in most locations without the need to have a boiler system or an electric heating system.