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Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

An exhaust air heat pump is used within the home to remove unwanted heat from kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms which can then be used effectively in other living spaces.

How do exhaust air heat pumps work?

This type of unit is connected to rooms such as the bathroom via ducts which run within the floor and walls and extracts warm air from where it is not wanted. The heat is removed from the air and sent into the heat pump’s refrigerant circuit. The heat pump then raises the temperature of the refrigerant and transfers the heat into a water based system that can either warm domestic hot water or heat a building. This heat can be used for domestic hot water or for a wet central heating system such as radiators.

An typical air source heat pump offers a CoP of two to three.

The benefits of exhaust air heat pumps

An exhaust air heat pump will cover the majority of heating requirements in a well-insulated property.

Both heating and hot water needs can be met with this system when used together with an immersion heater.

Another benefit is that this type of unit can reduce energy consumption for heating by up to 50 per cent when compared to conventional heating systems.

The negatives of exhaust air heat pumps

The full installation of an air source heat pump system can be costly with prices varying from £6,000 to £10,000 including installation. However over time this cost can be made back in savings on energy bills.

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