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Biomass systems typically burn wood pellets, wood chips or logs. They provide space heating and hot water to domestic, commercial and industrial users.

Biomass boilers come in a range of sizes, depending on your heat load requirements, and are clean and easy to maintain.

Biomass boiler systems operate in the same way as a conventional boiler system, with the exception of fuel delivery. Pellets or wood chips are fed through an auger which is automatically controlled by the boiler. As the fuel enters the boiler, the material is ignited either by elements or an electric blower on the initial start up.

The hot gases are then passed through a heat exchanger and the heat is transferred to the water used in your central heating system.

The price of the wood fuel needed for a biomass boiler is significantly cheaper than other heating options. The large and expanding supply of wood fuels are sustainable and not subject to the geopolitical price increases often seen with fossil fuels.

The carbon dioxide emitted when the wood is burned is equal to the amount that was absorbed over the years that the tree was growing.

Biomass systems are ideally suited to most buildings, especially with high heating and hot water requirements including: large buildings such as hospitals, schools and offices; hotel and leisure sectors such as golf clubs and swimming pool complexes and the residential sector, such as care homes and single family homes.  


Baxi Solo Innova 30 32kW Log Wood Boiler
£4326.00 (€5061.42)
MCZ Compact 24 - 24 kW Pellet Boiler
£3996.00 (€4675.32)