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Wind turbines

A wind turbine's rotor blades are aerodynamically engineered to extract energy from the prevailing wind and then turn a turbine to generate electricity. 

The electricity generated from a wind turbine is converted into a standard mains voltage to be used around the property to run any lights and electrical appliances.

Wind turbines are a clean, efficient way to generate electricity for your home, business or farm. They are heavily subsidised with tariffs so they make sound investments for property and land owners.

A wind turbine does not contribute to noise pollution. At a wind speed of 5.5m/s 60 metres away, the noise from the turbine blades is only 40dB which is between a whisper and a normal conversation; this is below standard background wind noise levels. Whether you install a wind turbine in an urban or rural location, noise from a wind turbine will not disturb neighbours or farm animals.

All turbines will need planning permission, Eco Incentive have a specialist wind turbine planning team that can handle the whole process seamlessly for you. 


50W Telescopic Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
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