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Heat & Save Eko Warrior Heat Pumps

Heat and Save Ltd is the manufacturer of Eko Warrior Air Source Heat Pumps.

The company introduced its product to the UK in 2010 but has been fulfilling the heating and hot water needs to homes in Scandinavia and Russia for five years.

Although the Eko Warrior range is relatively new, Heat and Save spent two years testing and optimising the unit for the UK and Ireland. The product is MCS approved and can be designed to suit any commercial, or private property, regardless of size, or age.

Heat and Save’s aim is to help fight against fuel poverty, and to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced by homes and businesses, that is having an impact on our planet.

The Eko Warrior is an air source heat pump that has gone through a Government testing of renewable energy products to ensure they meet a standard of performance.

The Eko Warrior when compared to a home using other fossil fuels for heating and domestic hot water will save around a minimum of 2832.5kg of CO2 emissions per year.

The company can be contacted at:

The Dene,
SP11 0AH