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Hitachi Europe Ltd

Hitachi was first established in 1910 in Japan. Today the business is global and renowned for its advanced technology solutions.

Hitachi provides high quality, efficient and reliable air conditioning and refrigeration equipment to a worldwide market. Hitachi’s air conditioning range is one of the most extensive of its kind available.

The company also produces compressors, control systems and chillers.

As part of its domestic heating range, Hitachi Europe has two air to water heat pump collections, the Yutaki and Aqua Free.

Air to water heat pumps by Hitachi provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating systems. Heat pumps provide more heat output than the energy input. For example the Yutaki range has a CoP of up to 4.31, where 1kW of electrical energy is used to provide up to 4.31kW of heating output.

Hitachi Europe Limited covers all business relations in the UK.

The company can be contact at:

Hitachi Europe Limited,
Whitebrook Park,
Lower Cookham Road,
SL6 8YA,