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Keston Boilers

Keston Heating dates back to 1928 when the company was originally established as a commercial and domestic heating installation and servicing business.

The first boilers introduced to the domestic sector by Keston were the Keston 50, 60, and 80 boilers, with a central heating output ranging from 15 to 24kW. After its continued success in the domestic market, Keston branched out in to the commercial sector with the Keston 170 (50kW), and then Keston 130 (38kW).

Today, Keston offers a range of highly efficient boilers, delivering performance and reliable heating for the modern home.

Keston’s appliances are quick and easy to install and are built using state-of-the-art tried and tested technology, to ensure guaranteed peace of mind.

Products include combi, system and heat only domestic boilers starting at 28kWs.

Keston Boiler Range

C range – A range of six quick and easy to use combi and heat only boilers. Benefits include high efficiency, frost protection, compact design and suitability for large or small properties.

Q range – Features heat and system boilers for optimum performance. A choice of three boilers are provided to offer you neat installation, high efficiency and gas/LPG options.

Duet – As the name suggests, the Duet boiler can handle both heating and hot water demands in a single unit.

qSpa – This is a hot water storage system. The Keston qSpa takes its water supply directly from the mains, providing top flow rates while eradicating the need for water tanks in the loft.

Prefabricated Rigs – Rigs are ideal for larger spaces. The Stock and Bespoke rigs by Keston are available in different formats and means there is no need for a dedicated boiler room.

Renewables – In order to address the growing renewables market, Keston also has a New Energy range featuring solar thermal, photovoltaics, ground and air source heat pumps.

The company can be contacted at:

Keston Heating,
PO Box 103,
National Avenue,
Kingston Upon Hull,