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Kingspan Renewables Ltd

Kingspan Renewables is based in Yorkshire, England where it produces environmental solutions to hot water and home heating.

Kingspan Renewables Ltd is part of Kingspan Group plc. The company is committed to energy conservation and the development of heating products which benefit from renewables.

The company prides itself on creating cost-effective solar thermal products as well as air source heat pumps. Kingspan’s own range of air source heat pumps -Aeromax – have been designed specifically for use in UK climates.

The appliances work by taking heat from the air outside and then manipulating it to heat a property. According to Kingspan, Aeromax can supply up to 100 per cent of space heating and domestic hot water for a home all year round without the need for supplementary heating.

To contact the company, you can write to:

Kingspan Renewables Ltd,
Tadman Street,
West Yorkshire,