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OCHSNER Warmepumpen Heat Pumps

OCHSNER Heat Pumps has over 30 years experience of advanced heat pump technology.

The company’s ambition is to help achieve independence from fossil resources for heating and cooling. The company was one of the first in Europe to begin manufacturing heat pumps on an industrial scale. It has OCHSNER subsidiaries in Austria, Germany and Poland and the company Thermo-Energie.

OCHSNER is the only manufacturer to have its own test laboratories for all heat pump types and for high capacity heat pumps up to 500kW. It produces heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water heating for domestic and large scale projects.

These heat pump systems can be installed almost anywhere, both in new builds and for existing buildings, renovations and even historic buildings.

The company can be contacted by writing to:

OCHSNER Ireland,
Eurotech UFH Ltd,
Rossullus Walk,
Co. Monaghan