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Daikin Europe N.V.

Daikin Europe N.V. is responsible for the air conditioner and heating sales in Europe, some parts of Africa and the Middle East.

The company was formed in 1973 in Belgium. The business has progressively advanced over the years and now operates the most advanced air conditioning plant in Europe.

Daikin wholly owns affiliates in the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Portugal and Poland to name a few.

Its core products include split air conditioners and heat pumps for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. The Daikin Altherma heat pump is one example. Products also include air to air heat pumps and air to water heat pumps.

The company’s mailing address is:

Daikin Europe N.V.,
Zandvoordestraat 300,
BE-8400 Oostende,