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JACE Home Hub

The Open Architecture draft standard identifies clearly the need for a central 'home hub' or residential gateway which is compatible with all the open field network standards and converts the data from various systems and devices in the home to a common format that enables easy management and interoperability between these systems.

This needs to be low-cost, easy to install, and maintainable remotely.

Use of a central home hub introduces new features such as SMS message alarms and remote control of the house, easy to use graphical pages viewed through a web browser, and logs of temperatures and other parameters so the way the home works can be improved, and energy saved.

A good example of a home hub is the Tridium JACE which has already been deployed in many homes in Dubai and elsewhere in Europe, as well as in government-sponsored smart home trials in the UK.

The user interface for the JACE is via web pages which can be on a PC or on a touchscreen running in kiosk mode, whereby the browser fills the whole screen.

The low-cost Tridium JACE2 home control hub with direct I/O and multiple